Jefferson Community Information

Jefferson Township was founded in1804 at a time when the iron industry was a large supporter of the economy. Fortunes were made by the iron-masters of Jefferson (including Thomas Edison and Henry Ford) until a richer grade of ore was found outside of Jefferson in 1816. Another source of revenue for the area was the ice industry, which flourished throughout the 1800's at Lake Hapatcong and the smaller area lakes. The industry employed many and provided ice for New Jersey's larger cities as well as the city of New York.

After World War 1, the automobile and paved roads brought more residents to Jefferson. Then came the Great Depression, but the strong heritage of the residents allowed Jefferson to survive those difficult times. Many colorful stories remain from the era. Today, nearly 20,000 people live in Jefferson Township. As the population has grown, so has the range of services offered by the local business community.

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